HEC Alerts

HEC Alerts

The Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center uses HEC Alerts to immediately contact you during a major crisis, emergency, significant incident, or operational schedule change.

To receive notifications, subscribers must enroll a mobile phone number for SMS text alerts.

When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will instantly notify you using HEC Alerts.

HEC Alerts will provide you with real-time updates in the event of an emergency or other critical incident.

SMS (Text Message) Enrollment

  • Click Here to enroll your mobile phone number to receive HEC Alerts.  You will be redirected to our vendor, InformaCast, to complete enrollment.
    Alternatively, you may text #HECAlerts to 276-695-3567 to sign-up for SMS alerts.

HEC staff, partners, and tenants on the HEC building wide email distribution list will also receive an email notification each time an alert is sent.



Authorized Sender Login (authorized personnel only)