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Southwest Virginia Center - Emory & Henry College


Founded in 1836, Emory & Henry is the oldest college in Southwest Virginia. It is also one of the few colleges in the South to have operated more than 170 years under the same name and with the same affiliation: the United Methodist Church.



Emory & Henry College offers four options in graduate studies for individuals pursuing careers in education and community & organizational leadership.

The faculty members in all of the M.A. Ed., programs are respected experts in primary and secondary education, and completion of any of the M.A. Ed. programs ensures the graduate will meet the "highly qualified" certification under federal guidelines.

The designation of "highly qualified," as well as initial licensure for students completing only the M.Ed. in Professional Studies depends upon the appropriateness of the undergraduate work in the teaching subject (the previously-earned B.A. or B.S.) related to the grade and subject for which a teaching license is requested.

In most cases, Emory & Henry can provide any additional courses the state requires at the undergraduate level.

M.A.Ed. American History
The American history program meets the Virginia requirements for eligibility to teach Advanced Placement (AP), concurrent enrollment, and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in American history at the high school level as well as first-year and sophomore courses at the college level. The M.A. Ed. programs the students' understanding of history and their ability to teach that knowledge effectively to others. Participants in the M.A. Ed., programs benefit from strong ties between Emory & Henry and area public schools, enabling graduate students to connect to the current challenges and opportunities of teaching history. In addition, students in this program benefit from the assistance of highly respected reference librarians.

M.A.Ed. Reading Specialist
The Reading Specialist M.A.Ed. expands and improves students' skills as teachers of reading and meets the Virginia requirements for an add-on endorsement as a reading specialist. The program provides intense and detailed training in formal reading assessment while providing additional experiences with informal instruments for assessing reader development. Students are trained to be more than reading teachers; they also are trained as literacy leaders. Such preparation enables them to provide staff development and demonstration teaching for individual teachers or small groups of teachers. Students in this program are also prepared to organize and give presentations for parents and other administrators on literacy issues, analyze a school's assessment data, and provide clinical work with individual students and small groups of students.

M.A. Community & Organizational Leadership
EHC MCOL Program
The MCOL is designed for professionals at work in for-profit, nonprofit, faith-based, government agencies and organizations, and as elected representatives, as well as those who wish to undertake civic work in the future, who desire to improve their skills at civic leadership. Persons considering changing careers, or retired persons, who would like increase the skills they bring to their community work, would also find the MCOL of interest. This program provides concepts and methods for effective and sustained community leadership to elected officials, civil servants, and persons engaged in a range of community agencies and organizations either as full-time staff or as volunteers.

M.Ed. Professional Studies
The M.Ed. in Professional studies provides the opportunity for students to enter as undergraduates and receive both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree after five years of study. This program culminates in a B.A. or B.S. in a teaching area plus a M.Ed. in Professional Studies. An add-on endorsement for special education-general curriculum is available in this program. Another option is for students who already have B.A. or B.S. degrees. It provides an opportunity to add the professional education courses required for an initial teaching license in Virginia and culminates in a M.Ed. in Professional Studies.

Graduate Admissions
Admission to graduate programs at Emory & Henry College are handled by the Graduate Admissions Committee, consisting of the Registrar, the Assistant Director of Transfer and Graduate Admissions, and faculty members from respective programs. More information, including applications, can be found here http://www.ehc.edu/admissions/application-process/graduate-student-requirements.

E&H Graduate Admissions Contact Mary Bolt, assistant director of Admissions 276-944-6533 mbolt@ehc.edu

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