Culinary Program

“Cooking Along the Crooked Road” classes offer children, teens and adults  hands-on, creative experiences that can transform mere nourishment into culinary adventures. Students of all ages acquire valuable life-long skills, taught by local chefs and other accomplished, imaginative cooks. From healthy lifestyle cooking and a variety ethnic culinary classes to bread and pastry making and special youth classes, there is something for everyone in the warmth of the teaching kitchen!

March 12, 2018 6PM-9PM – Sharpening Your Knife Skills with Jennifer Raichlin register

In this hands on class with Chef Jennifer Raichlin, you will learn to become friends with your own kitchen knife as you learn how to properly use it to efficiently prepare meals in your own kitchen. Techniques will include proper knife positioning, using your guiding/guarding hand, batonnet, julienne, dice, mince and chiffonade. Learn how to properly care for and sharpen your knife. The class will finish with group recipe completions and “tasting the foods of your labor.” It is recommended that you bring your own (8″-10″) chef knife and a paring knife If you have them, as these will be the knives you will be using for everyday preparation. If not a chef knife can be provided. 

March 19, 2018 6PM-9PM – Favorites from Tuscany with Santiago Figaredo register

The Foods from Tuscany are Fresh and Flavorful and this region produces some of Italy’s finest olive oils, sheep’s milk cheeses, and meat dishes. Bread, baked in giant, salt-free loaves, is king in this region, and locals incorporate it into numerous salads and soups. Farm to table has been a long standing tradtion in this area of Italy. During this class, Santiago Figaredo will direct the students in preparing a traditional Tuscan Meal from start to finish. At the end of the class, the fruits of labor will be enjoyed, along with a glass of one of his favorite Italian wines!

March 24, 2018 9AM-12PM – Kids, be a Roll Model! It’s the Yeast You Can Do! register

Don’t miss this educational and fun class with Francine Ivery. Youth, ages 10 to 14 will learn the proper way to use yeast as they create homemade rolls, sweet rolls and special day Easter items from yeast dough. Francine, a master baker, will walk the class through the process of baking with yeast from start to finish. Each student will to take home a pan of rolls in time for Easter dinner! Let the good times roll In the teaching kitchen!

March 26, 2018 6PM-9PM – The Art of Making Chevre with Baker Homstead register

During this fun and educational hands-on class, students will learn the basics of making fresh goat cheese, or “chevre”. Kristen will demonstrate how to make your own delicious cheese by showing a “clean break” in cutting curds, proper curd hanging and draining time. Students will practice different shaping techniques and learn how to add favorite ingredients, such as fresh herbs, garlic and fruits to make their own special cheese to take home. The class will work together preparing some of Kristen’s signature goat cheese recipes. Come learn about life on this well-known “family run” farm and the path they have followed to become our region’s most popular goat cheese producer.

April 9, 2018 6PM-9PM – Small Bites from the Great British Baking Company with Susie Buckner register

If you are a follower of the Great British Baking Show, then this class is just for you! No, you won’t have to compete and come up with some creative dessert or appetizer on your own because Susie Buckner will have chosen some of her favorite recipes from the show to share. She has picked out several recipes that are perfect for making small delicious bites for spring entertaining. At the end of the class, she will set up a beautiful tablescape to present the dishes and a delicious English cocktail to make it perfect!

April 16, 2018 6PM-9PM – Cooking from the Pacific Rim with Sheridan Nice register

“To understand Pacific Rim cuisine — which is, in essence, a style of cooking and presenting foods that combines the ingredients and techniques of Asian and West Coast cuisines — we must first understand the circuitous development of culinary trends from which it evolved. In the 1970s, fusion cuisine was all the rage, and it was exactly what the term suggests: a mixing of different cooking styles and ingredients to yield something new and presumably exciting. At the time, young chefs were experimenting with all sorts of new combinations of cultures, and Pacific Rim was one of these fusions, as was world cuisine, a melding of Latin-American and Asian styles.” During this class, Sheridan will focus on this 1970’s popular cuisine which has never really left the forefront and has been the precursor of many new culinary styles that have evolved since the 1970’s. Pacific Rim cuisine, like its predecessor nouvelle cuisine, is, at heart, French cooking tempered by Japanese sensibilities. This interesting fusion of cooking styles uses both fresh and healthy ingredients to create unique dishes.

April 23, 2018 6PM-9PM – Macarons: Technique, Color and Flavor with Susan Mole register

This Macaron making class is suitable for returning students who took Susan’s first class this past fall and also those new to the almond confectionary. Students will cover the basic techniques and make macarons on their own as well as learn how to color coordinate and decorate macarons for your own special spring and summertime occasions.

April 30, 2018 6PM-9PM – Appalachian Fish Fry with Heartwood Chef, Charles Parker register

Catfish, homemade cole slaw, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, mountain potatoes and” banana pudding to die for”make up a good old fashioned Appalachian Fish Fry. Chef Charles Parker from Heartwood will share his secrets for turning out the best fish fry dishes in the area! Learn how to make a perfect breading for frying and hear all the tips for proper temperatures, oils and fry techniques. At the end of class, you can say ” Yee Haw” as you delve into a delicious country spread complete with local beer samples. Don’t miss this special class from the Heart of Appalachia!

May 7, 2018 6PM-9PM – Traditional Mexican Cooking with Matthew Henry register

Chef Matt Henry wears many different chef hats! He learned first hand about the high side of Mexican cuisine after spending time studying in Mexico. He likes to remind us that true Mexican cooking is not anything like what we experience in our Americanized Mexican restaurants.You’ll learn the traditions and culture of these foods and drinks, as well as the methods for preparing them. Mexico is probably one of the world’s first fusion cuisines. It combines the flavors from the Spanish conquerers and other early settlers with those of the indigenous people to create fresh and alluring tastes. You will find that truly authentic dishes have much more to offer than just heat!

May 14, 2018 6PM-9PM – Charleston Entertains with Susie Buckner register

“Charleston Receipts, first published in 1950, is the oldest Junior League cookbook still in print. By all accounts, it remains the doyenne of the spiral-bound South. It’s remarkable not only for the lasting quality of its recipes, which inspire new generations of cooks and celebrate the natural bounty of the region, but for embracing the closely woven culinary heritages of the elite Lowcountry aristocracy and the Gullah people, descendants of the slaves who worked on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia.” If you are not familiar with this cookbook, you should be. “Tried and true” is the best way to describe it and Susie Buckner will share some of her favorites recipes, including one of the featured Southern beverages, that are perfect for gracious summer entertaining.

May 21, 2018 6PM-9PM – Vegetable Cookery: Fresh from the Garden with Matt Shy register

Eat Your Veggies ! Matt Shy, owner and chef at the newly opened Bristol Gardens and Grill, is growing and grilling the best! Join him for a class that will concentrate on how to use those fresh summer vegetables in delicious and healthy ways. Matt has three greenhouses full of lettuces, greens and other veggies and also 1/2 acre of tomatoes, peppers and summer veggies next to his restaurant. He will share some of his signature recipes for salads and homemade dressings, vegetable dishes and the proper ways to cook them….as well as his favorite fresh summer pasta dish. Learn the best way to store and care for fresh veggies! It’s time to enjoy gardens and their bounty!

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