College for Older Adults


Learners 50+ years actively participate in the Higher Education Center’s College for Older Adults.   Enrichment courses ranging from computer applications to history, finance, language, and wellness are offered in six week terms – Fall, Winter, Spring.   Classes are scheduled mornings and afternoons with lunch sandwiched in between.   Volunteer instructors prepare and teach the courses. The basic fee is $40 per term.   Optional fees for Arts Array tickets, course materials, and special field trip excursions may be charged.

All regular classes are on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 10am

To view the Winter 2018 schedule please click here

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Winter 2018: Jan. 16 – Feb. 22
Spring 2018: April 3 – May 10
Fall 2018: Sept. 11 – Oct. 18
Winter 2019: Jan. 15 – Feb. 21
Spring 2019: April 2 – May 7
Cake and Coffee Hours will be held approximately 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the first class.