November 11, 2015

What Words Cannot Convey: Photography by Brad N. McCroskey on Display at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

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November 10, 2015






 What Words Cannot Convey: Photography by Brad N. McCroskey on Display at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center

What words cannot convey, Brad McCroskey does through thought-provoking, vivid photographic imagery.  McCroskey’s award-winning photography is currently on display at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.  McCroskey is a former employee and graduate of Old Dominion University at the Higher Education Center.

Growing up in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia, McCroskey always found himself drawn to the beauty of the outdoors.  Spending time fishing, camping and hiking with his family instilled a deep appreciation of nature.  Around the age of eight, McCroskey started taking snapshots on those camping and hiking trips, as well as family vacations, using an old basic 35mm camera.  For McCroskey at that time, photography was about capturing memories for safekeeping.

While in college, McCroskey made the switch to digital and began to view photography as an art form. Initially experimenting with replicating photographs by famous photographers, he inevitably began to develop his own unique style.

McCroskey says it was waterfalls that really got him hooked on photography and caused his hobby to spiral “horribly” out of control.  He now realizes that photography is not just about memories—it takes people places they have never been, helps them see things they have seen before in a new and different light, and evokes emotions. He puts in long days and crazy hours traveling the region, pushing himself and his photography gear to the limit in his quest to allow others to experience the world through his camera lens.

McCroskey has won top honors in multiple regional photography competitions.  An active member of the Highlands Camera Club in Abingdon, he enjoys sharing his knowledge of photography with others who are eager to learn.

Located on the second floor Art Wall, the exhibit will be on display through January, 2016, at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon. Admission is free. For additional information, please contact the Higher Education Center at 276-619-4300.

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